Youth & Family

The Youth & Family Ministry Team encourages active participation within and outside the congregation for members of all ages and oversees the Youth & Family Coordinator position.


Confirmation begins in the 8th grade and continues through Reformation Sunday (end of October time frame) in the 11th grade. See the Education page for additional information.

4th, 5th, and 6th Graders (Peacemakers)

  Starting Date    Thursdays (on all Thursdays that are a full school day) Time                      3:30-5:00 What you need to bring:  Nothing Special, Just yourself and a friend! Rough Schedule 3:30-3:45        Snacks 3:45-4:00        Bible lesson (Pastor Jeff) 4:00-4:15        Devotional 4:15-5:00        Games, Crafts, Service Projects, Homework, outside play, etc 5:00                  Pick-up